Why You Should Have High Standards

On occasion I have been accused of having high standards.

I confess, to you here and now, that, yes, I do have high standards.

But let me point out one  some little bitty tiny detail…

Our culture, I mean Tanzanian culture, has been so degraded that the simple act of having standards can be interpreted as having high standards.

For example, wearing certain type of clothes, driving certain type of car or even certain hairstyle, people are quick to classify you. These traits are still considered normal in most parts of the world.

Today in our world, however, even the simple thought that you could certain things and live a certain way of life it’s yet to be considered normal.

If you would like to run a little test you can do this: explain to someone that you would only consider for marriage a woman who has not had her femininity and grace pumped out of her. The person you will have explained this to will react like you just explained that you admire Hitler. Unimaginable for most people today.

This is because our generation is so completely void of standards and afraid of, heaven forbid, judging someone (unless that someone is a male who projects strength rather than weakness and vulnerability). The thought that women should abstain from things like eating too much food and being a slut are just beyond the realm of thought for a decaying society full of lost and confused souls.

Friends, just because the world is burning does not mean you have to lower yourself to the level of the animals and go on a looting spree.

Just as you would hold others to higher standards you should hold yourself to the highest standard.


Having high standards is the mark of a woman who is not swayed by the lies of the television, the lies of the government, the lies of the deluded and drugged masses of the soul-less.

High standards are the mark of a woman who is, indeed, above. Holding high standards is an easy accomplishment when others have standards only slightly above complete degradation.

The world can burn all it wants, but I am not going to lower myself to the level of an animal. I hope some of you will do the same.