Take Control of Business & Life by Letting Go Off Fear.

How many times have you seen a product, business or even event and be like this is exactly what I had in mind last year or this is what I have been planning to do for months now?

Well you’re not a lot, you have a disease called fear, I call it a disease because it will keep you stuck in one place for too long. You will be a captive of your own success and dreams.

Do you ever experience the following symptoms?

  • Feel like the time is just passing by?
  • Overwhelmed from all you have on your hands.
  • Don’t know where to start and feeling like everything wasn’t really meant for you?
  • You have a plan, know what needs to be done but have fear of the unknown.
  • Fear of failing.
  • Fear of succeeding and how you will handle the growth in your business.
  • Fear of how your start up business will grow?
  • Fear of starting a new relationship or letting it go

If you’re experiencing that and many more of those symptoms then you are suffering a very killer disease called FEAR. I only call it “Killer” as it neutralizes all your plans, dreams and achievement and you’re left with nothing but self-pity.

But here is the truth that disease is curable, let go off FEAR, truth is if you can barely believe in your own self how would you expect someone to believe in you? If you cannot see the potential you have inside of you how can you make someone else see that potential.


My dear reader, this “killer” is eliminating your full potential towards success, you need that button on your head that says this is my life and am making it or letting this FEAR take control of it and rule over your success.

I am not saying am all saint, but it took a while for me to also get over the fears that were stopping me from achieving the achievable. I managed to stand up and face my fears. You too can do it.


Perfect imperfection is what has made you be who you till now, and you need to understand that there is no perfect time, perfect plan, perfect job, perfect startup business.

There is only today and today is the day you get up stand up and stand doing the things that your mind has been telling you “you can’t” those noises on your mind are a pure distraction towards where you are going and what you want to achieve in your life moving on.

Think about where you would be if the thing that is holding you back wouldn’t be an obstacle anymore? Do you feel me?


Now take a pen and a paper and write down what you’re truly fearing, then put that paper on a place where you can see every day as you go in and out, and in front of the words write I can manage to control my fear, I am facing my fears, I am going after my dream. Then walk out feeling so positive about yourself and go kick ass on those fears.

I am not saying there won’t be time where they will over whelm you but the most important once you feel you notice them then quickly return your thoughts to positive thoughts of how your good at what you shall have plan to do. The more you practice the more you get better at facing your fears. Remember the key is NEVER GIVE UP YOUR DREAM OVER FEAR