Qualities to Consider When Hiring a Great Customer Service Front Liner!

Working in customer service can be exceptionally gratifying (we all love that sense of completion when you’ve actually managed to help someone). But if not managed right – it can get extremely draining.

Working in different industry has taught me to look at certain attributes in a Great Customer Service Front-liner. Now, as we look at our employees or future hires, we need to look at what Qualities do we need to find in this person to achieve Excellent Customer Service, for those who are the Face of our company to our Customers!

The following are some of the qualities I would like you to consider as you hire your next “face if company”

  1. Informative – Our Person needs to know a little bit about everything!  They must keep up to date on all changes to policies and procedures, information communicated on social media, product offerings and new things on the horizon!
  2. Positive Attitude – This could make or break you!  Our Person needs to be our Greatest Cheerleader!
  3. Good Decision Maker – Our Person must be able to think fast, with great knowledge of what their leaders would expect to overhear them saying to the customers, displaying confidence in having the same mindset.
  4. Control Stress – Having an employee who leaves “life issues” on the other side of the office door.  When it is getting hot in the kitchen, our Person needs to know when to open the window and breathe the fresh air in…. Keeping in mind that “this too shall pass”…
  5. Patience – This is a BIG ONE!  Finding our Person who has the ability to slow down, count to 10 and then keep pressing forward.
  6. Attention to Work – Our Person must be able to be task oriented, a juggler, detailed, specific, purposeful, hard worker, focused, and it should be obvious that they are on our dime when they are working!
  7. People Person – This attribute is a given for our Person!  You must like people, you must like to talk to people, you must enjoy the company of other people, you must have respect for other people, people must be their purpose in what they do.
  8. Good Listener – The ability to listen, and listen between the words…  The ability to listen, but also the ability to translate that into what the customer really wants, needs to be a highly desired element in the makeup of our Person. They must focus intently on what our customer is saying, not only in words but in emotion and body language.
  9. Empathy – Knowing and showing that you have a complete and full understanding of the customer’s circumstances and concerns.  Our Person needs to be able to not only have this ability of discernment but to also be able to physically and verbally communicate their understanding of the situation or need, in a manner that gives the customer confidence that our Person has a complete handle of what they are saying.

These are what I have in mind, Share some of the qualities you consider in the comment below.