In today’s candidate driven market, a lack of authentic leadership will result in your company struggling to recruit the high achievers you need to achieve your goals.

Here we’ve identified some of the essential characteristics of great leadership essential to successful talent acquisition:

Communication: No one can be a great leader without communicating effectively. An accomplished communicator motivates employees while moving organisations forward. Great leaders intuitively understand their teams and are able to address their needs directly while keeping them aligned with business goals.

Generosity: The best leaders are generous in their praise and recognition of employee achievements. The success of their team matters just as much as their own. They know that inspiring their workers to achieve their personal best is key to success. Their generosity extends to consideration for the well-being of their employees, not just the balance sheet.

Humility: A dose of humility is essential to great leadership who realise that their positions of power and authority don’t automatically infer superiority. Even leaders get laid off from time to time! Great leaders don’t ask anything of their teams that they wouldn’t be willing to do themselves and when the going gets tough they get alongside their employees to ensure business goals are achieved.

Self-Awareness: We all view ourselves more favourably than we view others from time to time. The greatest leaders possess a high level of self-awareness, which gives them candid insights into their strengths and weaknesses. They intuitively know how to achieve the right balance, capitalising on their strengths while learning how to compensate and adjust for their weaknesses.

Treat others with respect: Rather than adhere to the adage “treat others as you would like to be treated,” great leaders treat each individual as that person prefers to be treated. They understand what inspires or de-motivates their people and adapt their responses to them accordingly.

Courage: Sometimes unpopular decisions need to be made. Leaders who lack courage will simply avoid making those tough decisions to avoid exposing themselves to the risk of failure. Great leaders make the difficult decisions that are necessary to drive a business forward and in doing so motivate their teams to do the same.

Authentic: Authenticity is at the heart of successful talent acquisition. An authentic brand message will help your business to attract, hire and retain passive talent. Great leaders exude authenticity in everything they do, ensuring their words and actions are in alignment and enjoying a rare level of loyalty from their employees.

Accountable: Accountability goes hand in hand with authenticity. The buck stops with great leadership. Inspirational leaders take responsibility for their decisions, they admit to their failures and they earn trust from their people. A sense of purpose: Today’s top performers like to feel they are playing a vital role in something that is much bigger than themselves. They are motivated by a clear sense of company purpose – great leaders exude that sense of purpose which motivates. Companies with great leadership enjoy enviable levels of employee engagement – and retain a competitive edge in the race for talent in today’s employment market.