About Home of Bold Women

Home of Bold women is here to help women of all ages across the globe to stand up and became great leader and great achievers. Despite this generation accepting women and young girls still alot of them are buried behind their cultures, abuse, jobs to mention but a few.

HOBW is transforming the way women are viewed among the large society and becoming a resource for companies that are seeking female influencers as their target market. We will host and develop different  events, seminars, charity and networking opportunities that will satisfy women looking to expand their network and highlight their business, producing optimum brand exposure and experience.

About The Founder

Charming, Motivational Speaker and Coach Rahab Mbise the Founder of “Home of Bold Women” an online platform for professional and entrepreneurial women across the globe. Her goal being to bring business minded women across the globe together to share, develop and encourage one another through the platform.

With a background Communication Rahab developed her passion of writing way back through her online blog of www.inspiredinteriorsreflections.blogspot.com the content being of interior décor where she entirely focused on selling décor product. But her passion was not to entirely sell interior décor but rather be a voice of many Tanzanian women and young girls out there who have been brainwashed by social myth and feel held back toward achieving their greatness and purpose.

She started this “HOBW for the sole purpose of supporting women in their journey to becoming Successful, independent as they utilizing the power of both technology and networking.

With the hope of making this platform a one-stop career for many business minded and entrepreneurial women across the globe. Its my hope that you will find these website worth a visit as well as help you in one way or the other to became a great woman where you are.

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