Building a real network of bold women by encouraging them to be confident and great achievers.

Promote and encourage the small business spirit and career development of women. HOBW is an online community of professional and entrepreneurial business minded-women who want to support each other through conversation, online and event-based networking.

This website is a resource for all the amazing women whom we are yet meet  who either didn’t know how to implement their ideas or were too afraid to take the plunge and we helped them walk the talk.


Strategically educating women and young girls on possible ways they can achieve their greatness, building their self esteem and confidence

Showing them strategic ways to boost their decisions making power, how to build network and become public leaders.

The foundation level of  information is here for you to get started in being your own boss – the rest is up to you.


Alot of women and young girls undergo different abuse on different stages in their lives.Home of Bold Women welcome councellors from around the globe to sign up with us and play role in supporting fellow women going through different type of abuse and  ensure they offer mental support to these woman and girls as we slowly walk them through the road to recovery and fully managing their own businesses and making them become more self aware of who they really are. The journey toward entreprenuership for alot of women must begin with self awareness, our experienced counselors will offer maximum support.


Education is the key to life, and when you educate a woman/girls you educate a whole generation, our biggest role through this platform  will be to enable an enviroment for women of all ages to confidently be able to make a wise decision in their lives and be a person of significant in her own community and country.

We welcome other expert women in education field to come forward and share their stories allowing the world of bold women to hear them out and uplift those that are feeling left behind

Are you ready to be a bold woman + earn your worth? JOIN THE MOVEMENT

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