Raise Awareness on Gender Based Violence

As we are into the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence campaign, its my sincere hope that after the 16 days have passed by we can seriously  look into how we can continue to actively work together into eliminating Gender Based…

The Beginner's Guide to Instagram: Are You Ready?

A hashtag is the pound sign. The sharp note in musical notation. A tic tac toe board. This: # When it comes to social media, the hashtag is used to draw attention, to organize, and to promote. Hashtags got their start on Twitter as a way…

8 Things To Remove From Your Current Life To Make You More Successful!

Lots of people think that the best way to become successful is to pick up lots of new habits and skills. While this can help, sometimes the best thing you can do is give up the things that distract you from your goals. Instead of adding more…

3 Ways to Adjust Your Mentality to Overcome Rejection

You are great. But…’ Perhaps it’s a typical rejection line we hear from time to time. Whenever we hear the word ‘but’, we know that the result is going to disappoint us. There’re too many occasions we might be rejected: when you…

8 Benefit of Drinking Water on An Empty Stomach.

Japanese women are well known for their slim, healthy, and toned figures. While genetics almost certainly plays a role, many claims that their morning ritual may also be helping them stay healthier. Put simply, most Japanese women drink water…
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6 Things You Do Without Realizing That Make You Look Less Intelligent

We all like to think we’re pretty smart people. For the most part, we are. However, our actions sometimes betray our intelligence in ways that we don’t really even notice – but are glaringly obvious to those around us. Whenever you’re…

6 Important Highlight of Your Intelligence Level

Most people regard highly intelligent people as super humans who have it all figured out simply because their brains can help them in any life situation and they don’t have to struggle with the problems of the ordinary people. Yet, the reality…

10 Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast

Have you ever thought that your day could go better if you only knew how to start it? Beginning the day on the right foot usually means the difference between a day full of wasted opportunities and a day brimming with possibilities. Laura Vanderkam,…
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10 Ways You Can Become Unattractive And You're Not Aware of It

Everyone strives to be a great person, kind, caring, and compassionate. But for some people, that’s not always the case. There are many behaviors or ‘bad habits’ that people have that make them seem unattractive, annoying or someone that…

The 5-Minute Habit That Can Change Your Life

In today’s world, it’s incredibly easy to get sidetracked from doing what truly matters to you. Every day, we are bombarded by distractions from all directions. Being able to minimize these distractions and focus your time on what’s important…

How Have You Adjusted to a New Country and Culture Overseas?

You’ve packed your suitcase, you’ve said goodbye to your loved ones and you’re at the airport; “What am I doing?” you ask yourself “Have I made a mistake?” Should I go back? OMG, How bad can it be? How will I manage to integrate…