#Happiness Is Your Right: Claim It

#Happiness is probably one of the most sought-after emotions to feel in our day-to-day lives. We all identify happiness with different aspects of life, and our definitions of happiness vary drastically from person to person. Our innate instincts are to partake in and create an environment where we can smile, laugh and enjoy ourselves. However, sometimes we get a little too caught up in what it is that makes us happy, and therein is the problem.

Here are few tips on how to embrace happiness and live an incredible life ahead.

1 Be serious about happiness. Aristotle makes the point that happiness has to be the ultimate purpose of life – how he defines happiness, however, is something beyond an unnatural high – it is not just enjoying life, but living well and taking your wellbeing seriously – happy people are nicer to be with and achieve more.

2 There is more than one kind of happiness – the right balance of the different types is essential. There is the kind of pleasure you get from a nice glass of wine and good company, and there is the kind of contentment you get from overcoming difficulty and achievements and satisfaction from the general direction your life is taking – beware the pursuit of just one kind of happiness.

3 Happy people are grateful people. Focusing on what is missing in your life and what you don’t have is going to make you miserable – be grateful for all that you have – you’re alive and you are blessed with many opportunities and advantages that many don’t have.

4 Don’t get intense about happiness. The evidence is that those who are intensely happy, or who are pursuing intense happiness, tend to have fragile moods and plunge from high to low while those who pursue ‘mild contentment’ tend to have more stable dispositions. Go for stability rather than intensity.

5 Take responsibility for your own happiness. It’s easy to blame the world and adversity if we are feeling miserable, but we can’t control the world. We can, however, control our reactions to events. Controlling what you can and abandoning trying to control what you can’t is a key secret to happiness.

We all deserve a chance with ourself to make us happy. What are you doing to make yourself happy? Comment and share below please.

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