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5 Practical Ways to Make a Huge Difference in Someone’s Day

They say we all live to serve. That by helping others we fulfill our own destiny. I do not know if this is correct, but I do know the feeling I get when I help someone and see that I make a difference; something happens, I get a sense of fulfillment, happiness and I feel a sense of purpose, a surge of energy.

Life always seems more meaningful when you’re pursuing a passion that could feasibly improve life for masses of people; and at the end of the day, most of us want to create a legacy—something that lives on beyond our own ripple-in-the-ocean life spans.

I do not know if this is proof that helping others is our destiny, but one thing I do know is that it is enough of a reason to try and help someone when we get the chance:

1. Small things matter

Listening to other people’s problems without passing judgment is one of the kindest things you can do. Most people know the answers to the problems they are facing; they just haven’t realized it yet.
By letting them talk through their problems on their own, you help them find their path and realize what they should do.
Sometimes they might need encouragement and help to start on this new path, which is something you, usually, always can give.

2.Fight for someone’s rights

You will often see someone gets treated unfairly. It happens both professionally and socially, individuals who deserve recognition do not get it. By taking up the fight and making sure others get what they deserve and earned you will be a true hero. You will make a lasting impact on their lives and you will be rewarded with love and help in the future when you are in need.

The law of karma says that whatever you do you will get back three fold, helping others are, therefore, a selfish act, but still a good act, one that you should do without fear, with love and with the knowledge that you will one day be rewarded.

3. Ask a homeless person if there’s someone you can call for them.

Lots of homeless people have become alienated from their families, particularly the younger ones. Maybe they’re too proud to ask for help or afraid their loved one won’t be receptive to their plea.

That pride or fear could be the biggest mistake of their life, and you could help them overcome it. If they’re not receptive or if they truly have no one to call, just lend an ear. Perhaps in telling his story, he’ll find the strength to seek help.

4. Prove someone cynical wrong.

There are a lot of people out there who believe people are basically selfish, that no one does anything just to be helpful or kind. I think that’s the saddest way to be in this world because we generally seek evidence for the beliefs we form—meaning it’s really difficult to reverse this perspective.

Do something completely selfless for that person. It may not change their philosophy but maybe it will challenge it. You never know when one simple kindness will soften the anger or pain someone’s holding.

5. Tweet or Facebook: “Is there anything I can do to help or support you today?”

It’s a simple question, but I’ve found it can make a significant difference.

As a direct result of asking, I’ve edited a couple of resumes, introduced some people to their next employer, and helped a  friend decide what career path they will pick.

Sometimes the best way to make a difference is to open your heart and be a friend, whatever that means to the person who needs one. The most meaningful acts are often the ones we commit without prompting or expectations.

We have such profound power when we lend an ear, a hand, or an act of kindness because it reminds the recipient that people are good. People do care. That’s what gives life meaning: the people who touch our lives and the people whose lives we touch.

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