5 Most Inspiring Quotes to Unleash Roadblocks

Entrepreneurship is one of the most rewarding job anyone can have with patience, persistence and so much determination you can eventually reach your goal. But sometimes there are roadblocks that seem impossible to overcome. That is the break it or break it point that causes too many entrepreneurs to give up.

I have combined 5 of my best rebuilding energies to  inspire my fellow  entrepreneurs on how to overcome roadblocks and build a business and life you love.

1.“Honestly, I’ve found the best way to overcome roadblocks is to ask for help humbly and with an open mind. Someone might have advice I can use, a connection that could bring new leads, or just the right word of understanding to help bolster my spirit as I persevere. My success as an entrepreneur has come in large part because kind, wise people heard my struggles and gave me the benefit of their experience.” Andi Cumbo-Floyd

2. “Roadblocks, by definition only block the road if you stop and let them. Action, action, action! Roadblocks don’t block you from going left, right, over or under. Assess your options, come up with more options, don’t stop, and stay focused on the actions you need to take on your journey. Keep true to your why, and you will find a way around.” Mary Kathryn Johnson 

3. “I literally walk off. I find when I am trying too hard to move the roadblock or blow it up, that it just gets worse. I walk away and deliberately put it out of my mind for a while and concentrate on things that feed my soul. When I am ready to address it again, I turn the problem over to my sub-conscious for review and the answer is always there at 3:18 am in the morning. Without fail!” Denise Griffitts 

4. “Go back to the basics and take massive action. What brought you success in the past (adding value to others, solving a problem, giving great service) will work again. You can’t control what got you stuck, but you can take so much action that something has to give. Roadblocks don’t move themselves. You have to either move them yourself or create enough momentum to blow through them.” Jimmy Burgess

5. “No entrepreneur would ever trade safety for his freedom. We scratch, claw, run, jump, sacrifice to achieve this freedom. If a road block is defined as someone or something keeping us from our freedom, then out it goes. Stay focused on achieving freedom, and then there are no road blocks — only the road that led us to our destination.” Matt Ledgerwood

Do you have any inspiring quotes that makes you move to the next level when your are feeling low or feeling like giving up? Comment below and uplift not only oneself but anyone else reading this.